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Hope’s Promise Publishing is a Black-owned, independent publishing company specializing in self-help, inspirational educational reference books and products for aspiring law students in order to demystify the legal admissions and educational experiences. We are expanding its scope in the future to include books for future college, graduate and professional school students as well. Our featured books and products are geared especially to African Americans and others from educationally, socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The company was created out of a sense of necessity and social responsibility. Its mission is to ‘take a vested interest in helping you in the journey to achieve your goals’ and ‘to help you make it to the next educational level.’ It is the publisher's belief that there really is no success unless we give back based on the knowledge and opportunities we’ve gained for those who come behind us. By the doing this, we can ensure that we have successors who will continue to do the same.

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