Pam Walker Williams

Pam Walker Williams, M.A.

In 1997, Pam Walker Williams embarked on an exciting journey by founding, a venture that seamlessly merged her passion for technology with her profound love for literature. Over the years, her remarkable journey has seen her conceptualize and craft websites for esteemed New York Times Best-selling authors and numerous clients in the literary realm, all while diligently managing a full-time “day job.”

With a diverse professional background encompassing roles in Aerospace, Energy, and Higher Education, she has gathered a wealth of experience in both digital media and instructional technology.  Her latest venture, PWSQUARE Productions, marks the next chapter in her digital media odyssey. Here, she serves as a trusted consultant on various digital media initiatives, encompassing web design, content creation, video production, and e-marketing

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Pam is the author of two poetry books, Promise of a Rainbow and In a Heartbeat (Stiletto Press Publishing); and a contributor to A Letter for My Mother (edited by Nina Foxx, Strebor Books).    Pam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication and a Master’s Degree in Digital Media with a concentration in Instructional Technology.  She is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alphas Sorority, Inc., and a lifetime member of Sigma Alpha Phi, the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Although Pam wears many hats, she always finds balance as a devoted wife, a loving mother, and a cherished friend to many.