AABCS Memories

The year 2000 marked a pivotal moment in literary history when a group of avid readers had the vision to unite the country’s emerging authors. The dreams of The Good Book Club of Houston and the Circle of Essence Book Club of Galveston turned out to be prophetic, ushering in a new literary renaissance and fostering enduring connections among a fresh generation of writers.

PageTurner.net takes immense pride in having sponsored the African American Book Club Summit at Sea (AABCS), an extraordinary gathering that provided book clubs and devoted readers with an exceptional platform for book discussions, idea exchange, strategic development, and the chance to meet some of the nation’s most esteemed authors. Authors, booksellers, book club enthusiasts, and avid readers hailing from all corners of the country. Through this event, they have forged lifelong friendships. Stepping on board the AABCS was akin to entering a heartwarming reunion, an immediate affirmation that you were in the perfect place.

For six glorious years, we celebrated literature and ignited friendships destined to stand the test of time. This event brought together the nation’s foremost authors alongside book clubs from across America, fostering a shared passion for the written word. If you ever had the privilege of attending an AABCS event, you became a cherished member of our AABCS alumni family for life.

As for the future of AABCS, will it hit the high seas again?… we will see. Meanwhile, we invite you to relish some of our most cherished memories!

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