• On The Radio – A Short Film

    Posted on August 10, 2013 by in Film






    PageTurner.net is proud to announce a new project by our client author and filmmaker Victor McGlothin. 

    Octavia Longbow is a top Dallas radio show producer; who has it all but doesn’t play well with others. Making relationships work isn’t easy and doing it over the airwaves is putting everybody in her business. To make matters worse, Octavia’s old flame and R&B superstar Isaiah I. Rome is up to his old tricks when he returns home for the biggest concert of the year. Victor McGlothin’s new romantic-comedy short film takes you behind the music, where Dallas’ wildest deejays spin records and always misbehave.

    Sometimes the radio is all you need to get by. But sometimes getting by isn’t enough… on the other side of the radio

    Click Here for a Sneak Peak!

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